Review of Bread and Roses benifit

How many ways can four young performers clown around?  For the members of “Pi” the possibilities are endless.   The giggling, squirming children attending Manzanita Child Development after-school program had their funny-bones thoroughly tickled by this fast paced and exuberant band of 20-something Clown College graduates.  One moment it was Leah springing forth from a (very small) trunk, followed by Andrew juggling atop John’s shaking shoulders, then capped by Kelsey’s (invisible) magic tricks to the tune of her accordion.  Whether is was the keystone cops chase around the room, the prat falls, sight gags, or just plain silliness – good humored antic brought each child something to enjoy and remember.  The question and answer period following gave the kids a sense of the personalities behind the grease paint, and of the hard work that went into the show. This was a perfect show for this audience. Good hearted and inspiring performers – very fun and professional.

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